Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the street where you live...

221B Baker Street

BBC's new show from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss premiered 2 weeks ago to favorable reviews. (Except for this guy. Someone should really help him with getting that stick out of his ass.) If you enjoy Moffat's and Gatiss' Doctor Who episodes, you are likely to enjoy this as well. I know I did. A lot. Sherlock is stylish, clever and witty, much like Who, but it definitely has its own little quirks and overall feel to separate itself from the other. Not to mention it is about Sherlock Holmes and not the Doctor. Benedict Cumberbatch is a pitch perfect Sherlock (with proper eye color, to boot!) and Martin Freeman's Watson is just wonderful. I know what you're asking, though... "But do they play off each other well?" They most certainly do, my friend! And naturally, bromance permeates the scripts.

Unfortunately for fans, there are only 3 episodes in this season and the second aired this past weekend. Word has it the show will be returning for another round, but not until late 2011 from the looks of it. Alas, these episodes do run 90 minutes so it's not unlike a British half-hour comedy that normally gets 12 episodes, or similarly, a British drama that gets 6 hour-long episodes a season.

Regardless, consider this a definite recommendation. And here's to hoping the dvd set won't be too expensive! (Yeah, right.)

p.s. I would apologize for my absence but I don't think anyone really missed me. Not looking for pity, mind you. I just recognize the fact that people don't really know about this blog. Yet! I'm a glass half-full gal. And I'm also not bothering with an apology because my absence was due to family matters. I do intend on keeping up with this blog as I have previously stated here. :)


zombres said...


...Okay, so I ship it like FedEx, but DAMN, this show is just fabulous. The writing (and I've never been more impressed with Gatiss' writing, HO BOY) and the acting (talk about PERFICK casting) and the costumes and sets and mysteries and EVERYTHING.

And as a classic!Sherlock fan, I really love all of the references and homages they manage to slip in. "A Study in Pink" alone is FULL of them, and it makes me positively giddy.

YAY FOR MORE EPISODES (even though we have to wait so damn loooong, UGH) and bless Moffat and Gatiss for rekindling my love for everything Sherlock. So looking forward to finishing my Epic Sherlock Holmes Re-Read. :D

Gina Sackman said...

Sorry I am SO LATE on replying to this. Sadly, this blog does not notify me and I kept on assuming no one was reading this page. haha

I NEED TO READ ME SOME SHERLOCK because, yeah... I didn't get any references what with not being familiar with the books. I've always been so interested and I've watched other things inspired by this kind of storytelling and whatnot. I was at the library today, racking my brain last minute for anything I could pick up. I wish I had thought of this! Next time. :) Especially since I have to focus on this one very large book I have to finish in 2 weeks. 30 pages a day, no big - you can do it, Gina!

So happy to see you commenting here, Angie. :D