Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are you there, God? It's me, a Lost fan.

Something became very clear to me tonight. This something is regarding the expectations of Lost fans.

Right this moment, I have no doubt people are thinking, "Okay, that's how Smokey was made. Fine. But WHAT made Smokey? Why is it made up of what it's made up of?"

They want the answer and will no doubt be disappointed if they don't get it and many more like it. We apparently have learned all that we will about the numbers and most don't seems satisfied with it. But why not? I mean, what explanation could be given as to why they all show up? My theory is that we have learned why they show up, simply because they need to. All these separate realities have our Losties coming together eventually, and like the people themselves, the numbers show up. What other reason should there be?

Would I like every detail? Not really.

Not... NOT REALLY???

Well, if we got all the answers that we wanted, then what will we be left with after its over? Besides the show clearly relating to life, [something none of us fully comprehend] the creators/writers want the show to leave a lasting impression. They want it to remain with us after its last pop to black. (Or white? Maybe pink?) Would any of you really revoke your Fan Membership Card if you don't get every answer? Have you not been coming back week after week, knowing not much more than you ever did? Yeah... you sure did, you masochist!

Besides, we have gotten a lot of answers. For example: OMGWTFPOLARBEAR!? And the first season finale cliffhanger - what's in the hatch? We eventually discovered who was responsible for these things being on the island. Furthermore, we found out more regarding the hatch tonight. People discovered the energy in 23 A.D. How is this not making Lost fans pull a Joey Russo?

You know, I had my fair share of days I wanted to pull out my hair, and that's when I began researching and discussing the show with others. You really start to realize just how complex everything is and you also see a lot that you missed. You see things you hadn't given a second thought. You start to appreciate it all. There is so much they've told us!

As for Smokey's origin, WHICH WE SAW! Pretty exciting, no? Do we need to know anymore than what we were shown? My opinion is that we don't and probably won't. I bet some of you feel differently. In life, do we know what's behind it all? I mean, THAT is what Lost fans want the answer to, ultimately. Heck, it's the answer all humans want the answer to. (No doubt it's why the writers chose "42" as a number in the set.) Something made us, made this entire universe possible - made it all work. No one knows for certain what it is. Here's where faith comes in for many. Hence it being a big player in Lost as well. But just because the writers created this fictional world within our world, it doesn't mean they have to know what's going on behind the curtain. I mean, how could they really explain Smokey or the island? If they were to get all science-y, we'd just roll our eyes. You know we would.

We were given quite a bit of insight tonight. No, they weren't straight answers like The Whispers and MIB impersonating Jack's dad. But why would some of you want that anyway? All you did was complain about them. Then you get not so clear answers and you complain some more. If the Doctor (Who?) ever comes for you, I'd turn down his request for you as his companion. He wouldn't care much for your time-traveling inquiries. You'll both be better off.

This is all in good fun, of course. I just personally feel fans should lighten up. This show involves a moving island that can heal people. What answers will be satisfying? The craftiness of this series has made some of its viewers far too critical. The show doesn't take itself too seriously and neither should you. Don't like the answers you're getting? Find a way back to season one and whine about it to Jack. ;)