Monday, November 14, 2011

Please spell... weltanschauung.

Yes, I did spell that word without looking it up.
No, I didn't sing Barfee's part while doing so.

Shortly after the last post I made here, I auditioned for a community theatre production of William Finn's The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Quite honestly, I thought my solo audition was horrendous. Before and after an audition is the only periods of time when I feel nervous and/or uncomfortable, but once I get up on that stage, I calm down and feel at home. I love musical theatre that much. After everyone's [closed door] audition, we all went into the theatre and read from the script with one another, several times. This helps the director get a sense of how he wants to cast the show, all the while keeping in mind what he heard from our solos. After readings, we quickly learned a section from "Pandemonium" that involved harmonies, got split into a few groups so that they could pick out voices individually. There were 2 people per soprano/alto/tenor/bass -- though, technically, there's no bass in this show, everyone's parts are higher than usual as we're meant to be kids. There are a few moments in the show that the sopranos are hitting notes you typically hear in operas. I believe I heard the woman who played Rona in the original production ended up speak-singing at some point in the run of the show. Whether or not this is true, I wouldn't doubt it happening. I think there was only one moment that I actually sang higher than our Rona did.

On that note, yes, I was cast.

I'm not much of an actor but I gave it my all in the reading and group song because I really did think I botched my solo. I mean, I forgot to breathe properly! Which, of course, messed up my technique completely. Anyway, the day after the audition (rather, the night after my audition, as my phone started playing the Doctor Who theme at 11:30pm) I got a call from the director and was offered the role of Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre, an ambitious girl with gay dads and a lisp. I accepted, we talked about how excited we were for the show, he told me we had a great cast, I bounced around a little bit after hanging up the phone, and then I told my parents I was going to be in the show.

Here's the thing... I don't really have a dream to be on the stage. I enjoy it but I just don't have a passion for it. I've been finding I don't really have a passion for much of anything. I enjoy many things but not to the point of "I want this to by my career." If anything, I think I'd want to direct. I feel I'm better at telling people what I want to see rather than doing it myself. In the same sense, I think I'd be a great casting director. But I digress! The rehearsal process was fun and stressful -- the show ended up being more difficult than any of us expected. *shakes fist at William Finn* Nevertheless, we had a good run and I loved my castmates. I'm in a singing group with a few of them, but I miss everyone else's faces very much.

We had a lot of good times during those 2 1/2 months. For our last show, we asked Francesca (our show's Rona) to use the "Mrs. X lives her life according to the gospel of Spongebob Squarepants" line, and we all agreed to do a little improv, if you will. If you're unfamiliar, typically for last shows, cast members have a little fun during scenes without throwing anyone off too much. When Francesca used the line, we all put up our hands and simultaneously said, "Preach!" Good times...