Friday, April 16, 2010

Please, Hello.

Fresh meat here.

Not as fresh as you'd like, though.

I often blog/discuss my fandoms and all things entertainment, but this is my first foray into unprotected and unlimited blogging. I have a LiveJournal where I briefly mention, well, anything I'd like. But lately I've felt the need to have a place on the internet where I can discuss, ponder or vent. And better yet, with a... wider audience? Maybe not.

But please excuse my lack of knowledge in these areas, especially the writing portion of the blog. I never took classes in entertainment or writing. My knowledge is from watching/reading/listening to too much of it. And I daresay that I know what I'm talking about. Occasionally. Hey, at least I'm honest, right?

Well, the picture used above (it's linked to the artist) pretty much sums up my general interests. Anything geeky, inventive, fun and last but certainly not least... the Broadway.

Again, I've just found myself holding in all these opinions, or trying to get them out in 140 characters or less on Twitter right after an episode of television. And naturally, Twitter is a place where one is easily misunderstood.

So here I am.

I apologize for the cheesy blog title. I really couldn't be bothered to try to think of anything more inventive. I was singing "A Little Priest" in my head, took note of "what a charming notion". But 1) I have a friend with the username charmingnotion. And 2) I thought I might sound as though I have an ego to claim my notions are charming. Then I started thinking about how I'd have to make the name a bit catchy [and brief] as an address, so naturally the possibility of having it rhyme came to mind. Motion was an obvious choice. And while one definition of the word certainly doesn't fit, another does. Kind of. So, I had it! Then I embraced my lameness and added the bit after the colon. I might end up taking that out. Especially if I am mocked because of it. Really, let me know. I'm the kind of person who'd rather be told I have a piece of food in my teeth, rather than being the person who is surrounded by idiots who assume it's better to not say anything because it might embarrass me. Getting a piece of food stuck in your teeth isn't embarrassing. You know what is? WALKING AROUND ALL DAMN DAY WITH FOOD STUCK IN YOUR TEETH.

Well, I briefly mentioned a couple big fandoms of mine and then vented a tad just there. If I do say so myself, this first post was a smashing success!

- Gina

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